Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2023

With the number of mountain bike helmets available in the market, the questions running in your mind will also be more. From how much you should spend to what is the best helmet available in the market. Don’t worry! We are here to clear up your mind.

In this mountain bike helmet review, you will see a list of products we examined with our team to give you a clear description of the product. We’ve also added a table with the basic features compared for you to have a quick understanding of the helmets. Take a look at the list and make your decision.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews of 2023

1. POC Helmet for Mountain Biking

POC helmet for mountain biking

POC is one of the best mountain bike helmets as they are designed with a durable inner EPS liner and an outer PC shell to give extra protection to your head in case of any crash. The shell is integrated with the inner skin to provide a single frame that is similar to an eggshell. They are made of aramid fibers, a category of heat-resistant and synthetic fibers to add more protection with durability.

This helmet fully protects your head by covering the temple and the back of your head. You can adjust the helmet according to your head circumference with an adjustable chin strap. The visor protects your eyes from the UV rays and rain during your ride and they can be adjusted to your needs. Another added advantage of the helmet is it comes with a recco reflector, a transponder, that helps the rescue team to locate you in case you are lost in the outdoors. This best MTB helmet comes in ten different colors such as fluorite green matte, actinium pink matte, basalt blue matte, and more.


  • Recco reflector

  • Unibody shell frame

  • Full coverage


  • Not suitable for larger head size

2. BELL Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell mountain bike helmet

Bell’s bike helmets are also one of the best mountain bike helmets available in the market. To make this a sturdier helmet, Bell combined the outer shell with the inner EPS lining which plays an important role in stopping the transfer of outer energies inside the helmet after an impact. The helmet is equipped with MIPS technology (multi-directional impact protection system) to reduce the rotational motion of the helmet that will protect your head from severe injuries in case of an accident. The inner padding is made of silver fibers, a quick-drying material.

The adjustable fasteners help set the helmet to your preferred position. To make it sweat-free, there is a special pad inside that absorbs the moisture away from the helmet. With the dual flow ventilation system, air actively passes inside the helmet and it draws air in to cool the temperature inside.

Another advantage of this helmet is the camera mount where you can now capture and record your ride. This best mtb helmet is available in twelve different colors fast house matte/gloss black/gold, fast house matte/gloss blue/white, and more.


  • Multi-directional impact protection system
  • Dual-flow ventilation
  • Camera mount
  • Multiple colors


  • Quality of the sweat pad is not good

3. Smith Mountain Bike Helmet

Smith mountain bike helmet

Another best mountain bike helmet on our list is from the Smith’s brand. The helmet is built with an in-mold aero core that improves the airflow and regulates the temperature inside. It is made of Koroyd material with zonal ventilation for protection. The shell and the inner skin are combined together to give a sturdier frame.

Another key feature is the MIPS system that will reduce the rotational motion (present in all the color variants). Air Evac channels stop eyewear fogging ensuring clear visibility of the path. There are channels on the front and back to store eyewear and you can also pull up the visor to store goggles. Available color variants are matte black, matte wild, and more. Overall, this is one of the best full-face Mtb helmets offering higher-level protection and ventilation.


  • Aerocore in-mold build
  • Multi-directional impact protection system
  • Air Evac channels


  • Helmet fitting may be hard for some

4. Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Helmet

Troy lee designs mountain bike helmet

One of the best mtb helmets available in the market in the list is Troy Lee. It is designed with a dual-density EPP+EPS liner that provides high and low-level impact protection. The intake and exhaust ports allow air to pass through, actively regulating the temperature inside to keep you cool throughout your ride. You can fit the helmet to your needs with the adjustable strap. The multi-directional impact protection system protects your head from rotation. This helmet comes in eight different colors like gray, black, green, etc.


  • EPP+EPS liner
  • Adjustable straps
  • Ventilation ports


  • Helmet fitting can be better

5. Bell Full Face Bike Helmet

Bell full face bike helmet

This helmet from Bell is constructed with an Abs shell that survives a wide range of temperatures and is scratch resistant. You won’t feel the helmet on your head as it is designed lightweight and will give you a comfortable riding experience. It also comes with ventilators to keep you cool throughout the ride.

This best mountain bike helmet offers frontal protection covering your face and nose. It comes in various sizes so you can select the right fit. The color variants include agility matte blue/green, agility matte blue/hi-viz, force blue/retina sear, and more.


  • Abs shell construction

  • Lightweight

  • Ventilators


  • Size may vary from the product description

6. Bell Mountain Bike Helmet

bell mountain bike helmet

One of the best full-face helmets on the list is Bell’s mountain bike. This helmet is designed with silver fiber, a quick-drying material to provide a sweat-free ride. Quick fasteners help you to adjust the helmet accordingly. It is equipped with MIPS technology that reduces helmet rotations. The chin bar can be removed and easily connected depending on your needs.

Overbrow ventilation system with ports allows air to pass through actively to provide full head ventilation. The visor is detachable so you can remove it when you do not need it. But even with the visor attached you can wear goggles and glasses freely. You can also attach a camera to the ‘camera mount’ and record your ride. This best mtb helmet comes in four different colors, matte black gray, matte blue/bright blue, matte dark gray/gunmetal, and matte green.


  • Overbrow ventilation

  • Adjustable visor

  • Camera mount


  • Removable chin bar is tight

7. Bell Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

bell mountain bike helmet full face

Another best full-face mountain bike helmet from the list is Bell’s. The helmet’s outer shell is integrated with the inner liner to make the helmet sturdy. Energies that come after an impact are controlled by the EPS foam liner.

This mountain helmet is equipped with flex spherical MIPS technology that provides more ventilation and also reduces rotation motion. The chin bar can be adjusted and removed according to your needs. Overbrow ventilation system allows air to pass through freely. Visors can be adjusted while accommodating any eyewear during your ride. You can record your ride by placing your camera on the mount.

All these amazing features make this one of the best full-face mountain bike helmets in the market. The color variants are fast house matte black/white, fast house matte red/black, etc.


  • In-molded polycarbonate shell

  • Flex spherical MIPS system

  • Integrated breakaway camera mount


  • Frame quality can be better

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Mtb Helmet

Here is a list of things you need to consider when you get the best mountain bike helmets.

1. Protection

A good helmet is supposed to protect you at all times or else it is just another purposeless gear. Before you buy any helmet, look for the helmet's construction, head coverage, and most importantly check whether the helmet has a multi-directional impact protection system. All these are the key elements that will protect your head in case of any encounter.

2. Comfort

Comfort is the second important factor you need to consider in your purchase. Because you will be focused on your path when the helmet is comfortable. The chin strap helps in adjusting the helmet to your comfort. Most of the helmets are designed with EPS inner lining pad and quick-drying materials inside to give you all-day comfort. Overall comfort depends on the thickness and the quality of the materials used.

3. Ventilation

A helmet’s vents are as important as other key components. Without air channels for air to pass through, you’ll be covered in sweat in no time. Ventilation ports allow air to actively circulate inside the head to keep you sweat-free and cool on your trail. So, choose a helmet that has more vents.

4. Visor

A visor helps in protecting your eyes not only from dust but also saves eyes from rain and UV rays that pass from the sun. Some helmets come with detachable and adjustable visors to accommodate your other eyewear. So it is important to pick a helmet that has a visor if you want to protect your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find your helmet size?

Get a measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your head. In absence of tape, you can use a string or thread and measure its length in centimeters as most of the measurements you find will be in centimeters. You can use the size measured to select your helmet size from online or local stores.

2. How often helmets can be replaced?

Typically, a helmet can be replaced in a time span of two to three years. Though most manufacturers offer more life periods for their helmets, it is wise to change the helmet once in a while based on your usage. But you must immediately replace them even in case of any slight crash or encounter. Many manufacturers offer replacement schemes so you can check their website before buying.

3. Should I buy a full-coverage helmet?

There was a time where every rider used a full-face helmet in their trail. It was heavy, hot, and uncomfortable. But now with the growing technology, manufacturers started designing helmets with less weight and with more vents. It also comes with a removable chin bar. When you opt for a full-coverage helmet, you’ll have all these features at one price.


With the wide range of products available in the market, picking the best mtb helmet can be a tough decision. In addition to helmets being an essential part of riding, they are also fun to choose from. With matte finished colors and a sleek look, you’ll have a multitude of options to choose from. If you are a beginner you can spend an average of $200 to $300 while professionals can pick products ranging from $400 to $750.

We hope this mountain bike helmet review article will reduce your research time and assist you in making the right purchase. Write to us if you have any questions and we’ll get back to you soon!

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