Best Budget Mountain Bike Under $500 of 2023

Buying a mountain bike can be a tough one, especially when you are on a budget. You have to learn and understand many components before buying a bike. These include heads such as when should you buy a new bike, common mistakes to avoid while buying a bike, and whether you should buy a bike online or at stores. You might wonder whether you can get a quality bike for under $500. Yes, you can.

There are plenty of the best mountain bikes available for under $500 with all the essential features you will look for. Having insights about what type of riding you are planning for with your mountain bike will help you decide what type of bike you want.

But choosing them among the multitude of products available today in the market can be exhausting. If you are a beginner or thinking to buy the best options after getting trained with an old bike, you can consider looking for advice if you should buy a new or old bike. And, that is why we are here to help you. Having insights about what type of riding you are planning for with your mountain bike will help you decide what type of bike you want.

There are a lot of factors that you need to look at before your purchase. To give you a clear understanding of the product, we have prepared a table comparing the basic features. Here is our list of best mountain bikes under $500 to give a start on your purchase.

Quick Summary

King of Mountain bike: Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike MTB

The Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er MTB easily navigates trails, dirt roads, and the commute to work. It is with a custom hydroformed metal frame. An expensive seat post with a diameter of 30.9mm saves weight. Large, double-walled 29-inch alloy wheels and 29 x 2.1 tires make it simple.

Best foldable bike: Eurobike mountain bike

Eurobike mountain bikes are foldable G4 mountain bikes. It may get transported simply to the office and stowed in the trunk of a car for traveling or camping. The G4's build quality is strong, sturdy, and substantial.

Top trail Bike: Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

Mongoose bikes include an aluminum Tectonic T2 frame, internal cable routing, and Free Floating TechnologyTM suspension. They have a 200mm travel RockShox Super Coil Deluxe shock and a 200mm travel RockShox Boxxer fork.

Over all performer: Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Stone Mountain has 20", 24", or 26". Each size is available in both regular and step-through configurations. To protect the front derailleur, the Stone Mountain has rear derailleur protection. The Stone Mountain's high-strength steel frame is known as challenging by several owners.

Well equipped ebike: Merx Mountain Bike

The Shimano shifting and assist modes on this 7-speed electric bike drive it to high speeds of 20 mph and a range of 28 miles on a full charge. The 36V lithium battery takes roughly 5-6 hours to charge, which is the one disadvantage of this powerful electric bike.

Best mountain traveller: Gravity Mountain Bike

The Gravity mountain bike's light weight is favorable for its modest price. One of the most significant advantages of FSX is its low cost and value for money. The frame's construction was deemed sturdy and of the best quality. Double-walled rims are inexpensive and provide stability.

Rich look: Royce Union RMX

The Royce Union mountain bike has a machined alloy rim, excellent brake pad contact, and rapid brake application. It has 27.5-inch wheels with roll momentum for rolling resistance. It is built of high-quality aluminum and has a long service life.

Short travel: Hiland Mountain Bike

Because of its excellent quality, the Hiland mountain bike is at an affordable price. It is simple to add and remove gears. It's a low-cost bicycle. They are the most contemporary transmissions.

Reviews of the Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

1. Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike MTB

Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike MTB

If you’re a starter in mountain biking, then Vilano blackjack is the best choice for you. The frame has a hand-built hard butted 6061 alloy construction which is incredibly durable.

The bike has mechanical disc brakes and a suspension fork with lockout so that you can stop almost quickly and control your ride. Avoid any mishappenings or injuries while riding, by investing in helmets. It is a wise move to seek advice while buying a new helmet. Rims are made of durable double-wall alloy.

Another important feature that makes this one of the best full-suspension mountain bikes is the 29-inch wheels, you can just roll over any obstacle. Be extra sure to cross the obstacles and ride hurt-free by investing in the best mountain biking knee and elbow pads. Integrated shifter up to 24 speed will give you a fast and thrilling riding experience. With a 17-inch frame size, it is best suited for tall people. With the right frame size and right bike size, you can reap all the benefits of biking. There’s only 1 color available which is black.


  • 17-inch frame

  • 29-inch wheels

  • Integrated gear shifter


  • No good traction in the terrains

2. EUROBIKE Mountain Bike

EUROBIKE Mountain Bike

Eurobike’s mountain bike is a perfect choice if you want to ride on trails and off-road terrains. This bike features a 21-speed gear shifting system, where you can ride through different landscapes efficiently. With a dual disc brake system, it ensures the rider’s safety.

To make the bike lightweight and durable, the frame is made of aluminum alloy. The 27.5 inches wheel and rim size will give you a comfortable riding experience. The front suspension improves your control over the bike and your riding comfort. On the whole, this is one of the best budget mountain bikes with four different colors black-green, black-yellow, k-red, and red.


  • Front suspension

  • Dual disc brake system

  • Aluminum alloy frame


  • Saddle quality is not good

3. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

Mongoose bikes are not only designed for mountain biking but also you can do casual rides. The frame is made of aluminum with hydroformed tubing giving durability. A powerful front suspension provides you with good control over the bike, making it more reliable and strong. 21-speed shifter gears where you can shift to any speed easily throughout your ride.

V-brakes in the front and back wheel allow you to stop quickly in case of any sudden obstacle. The rims are made of light, durable alloy material, and the 26 inches wheel-tire allows you can rollover any obstacle. All these features under $500 make this one of the best cheap mountain bikes. It comes in two limited colors, black & red, and teal.


  • V-brakes

  • Dual suspension

  • Aluminum frame with hydroformed tubing


  • Seat may be uncomfortable for some

4. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail is one of the best budget full suspension mountain bikes designed with a denim blue hardtail frame. It has a durable steel frame and front suspension fork handle bump to give a smooth-riding experience. TZ-31 derailleur integrated shifter to carry 21 speeds for uphill climbing, downhill riding, and for acceleration.

The derailleur can be detached for consistent gear operation. It is made of a 17-inch frame made with a durable alloy that supports tall people. Hand brakes deliver firm stopping and padded ATB saddle to give comfortable seating. You can adjust your seat height with alloy quick release. The handlebar can be raised slightly while uphill riding to reduce the strain on the back and shoulder. There are six glossy colors, denim blue, gray, metallic cyan, purple, red, and solar flare.


  • Detachable TZ-31 dérailleur

  • Padded ATB saddle

  • Twist shifter


  • No cushioned saddle

5. Merx Mountain Bike

Merx Mountain Bike

Merax’s mountain bike is one of the best budget mountain bikes because of the features it offers within the price. Designed with front suspension, it gives a smooth ride over the bumps and increases control. Integrated 24-speed derailleurs deliver reliable and smooth gear shifting.

Disc brakes give you quick control over the bike to stop in case of any obstacle. Advanced padded saddle to provide you with comfortable seating for long-distance rides. The frame is 17-inch made of a strong alloy that supports taller people. The frame is made of 6061 heat-treated aluminum giving the bike extra durability. It comes in two colors, black & red, and green.


  • Mechanical disc brake

  • Integrated derailleurs

  • Dual suspension


  • Saddle may not be comfortable

6. Gravity Mountain Bike

Gravity Mountain Bike

Gravity’s mountain bike is one of the best full suspension mountain bikes on the list. The 19-inch strong aluminum frame makes it a great option even for people above 6 feet. This bike also features mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear vehicle and provides a smooth braking system quickly over any obstacle. Adjustable suspension in the front and back gives a consistent grip in case of any bumps in the trail. The gear is 24-speed integrated with Shimano shifters where you can shift to any gear speed. Front and rear 26 inches wheel and rims suited to ride at any off-terrains. This bike comes in four different colors: yellow, white, black, and gray.


  • Disc brake

  • Adjustable suspension

  • Shimano shifters


  • Professional assembly required

7. Royce Union Mountain Bike

Royce Union Mountain Bike

Royce Union’s bike is designed with a hardtail frame molded from no-rust aluminum that makes this bike easier to handle. Zoom suspension fork gives you amazing performance throughout your ride. Performance can also be enhanced by maintaining the bike properly.

The Shimano 21-speed gives a quick-shifting between gears as you adjust the bike to your path. You can rollover smoothly with 27.5-inch wheels in any landscape. Kraton grips and pedals will deliver a comfortable ride. Overall, this is one of the best men’s mountain bikes for anyone who loves off-road riding.While you are choosing off-roading, downhill, or uphill, ensure to follow the sun protection advice by experts to keep your skin from burning.


  • Zoom suspension

  • Non-rust aluminum frame

  • Shimano 21-speed gear


  • Low gear setting

8. Hiland Mountain Bike

Hiland Mountain Bike

Hiland mountain bike is one of the best budget mountain bikes for a starter. Aluminum rims and magnesium wheels make this bike less weight, giving more acceleration and handling to the rider. The frame is quite sturdy and will give you a good riding experience. Shimano 21-speed gear gives you control for climbing and getting low on corners and bumps.It is vital to choose the right bicycle gear for high efficiency.

The 17-inch high-tech frame is perfect for riders between 5’ and 6’. Powerful mechanical disc brakes deliver total control in every situation. This higher-end budget bike comes in six different colors including black, black & orange, white, black multi, black & orange multi, and white multi. In order to maintain the color and texture of your bike, choose to store your bike in the right place. A wise option is to buy the best garage racks. This will keep your bike protected.


  • High-tech frame

  • Shimano 21-speed gear

  • Dual disc brakes


  • Front disc brake may not be efficient

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Mountain Bikes

Having a good understanding of the essential features is important before buying. Following are the vital factors you need to look into before you purchase the best mountain bikes under $500.

1. Types of mountain bikes

There are five categories of mountain bikes. Each bike has its unique specifications to contribute.

  • Trail bikes - The suspension of trail bikes is from 120 mm - 160 mm. They are mostly used by a beginner who is starting mountain biking. Trail bikes are ideal for biking in uneven terrains.
  • Cross-country bikes - This type of bike is usually ridden on forest paths, singletrack, and mountain terrains. They are lightweight and designed for long-distance riding. The suspension of these bikes is between 80 - 100 mm.
  • Fat-tire bikes - These reduce the overall bike pressure and give more contact with the surface of the rider. Few other bike can provide the comfort it offers such as gravel bikes and downhill bikes.
  • All-mountain bikes - It is ideal to ride in off-road terrains, steep uphill, and downhill. The suspension of this bike type is between 140 - 170 mm.
  • Park bikes - They are also known as downhill mountain bikes. You can do jumps and speedy trials smoothly. The suspension of this bike is between 170 - 200 mm.
  • Hardtail mountain bike - Bikes without rear suspension are called hardtail mountain bikes. They offer you a fast and fun ride that lessens bumps with its front suspension fork.

2. Suspension system

Rigid, hardtail and dual suspension are three different suspensions used in mountain bikes.

Generally, mountain bikes are designed with rigid steel or aluminum alloy to absorb shock in all rides. Hardtail suspension involves the front fork bearing the suspension. In a dual suspension, both the front and rear fork have a suspension spring to avoid tension in the bike.

3. Wheel size

The wheel sizes for the mountain bikes are usually 26’’, 27.5’’, and 29’’.

Some riders prefer a bigger wheel size for better stability. 26’ suits best for a short distance while 27’’ and 29’’ suits for long-distance travel. Your tire must have more grooves for off-road grip.

4. Gears

Off-road terrains are with sand, mud, and rocks. Your bike should have a good gear system in order to ride in any of these uneven trails.

The gear combinations available for mountain bikes range from 18- 27 speeds. You get your gear combinations based on the number of sprockets and cassettes. If it is an 18-speed, meaning you have three front sprockets and six rear cassettes. Go for a lower gear setting, for uphill, whereas for downhill go for a higher gear setting.

5. Brake mechanism

Brakes are much more important to consider because it ensures your safety.

V-brakes and disc brakes are the two types. V-brakes are more affordable to repair. Even though they provide strong stopping force, they’re not firm like disc brakes.

Disc brakes are of two types, metallic, and hydraulic. The former requires lesser maintenance while the latter requires higher maintenance. The hydraulic disc brake is more efficient in powerful stopping and consistency. Innovations have made transformations to the braking system and transformations to biking as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use mountain bikes on paved roads?

Yes, you can absolutely use a mountain bike on the road. You may have a more comfortable ride than a road bike if your bike has a suspension.Also, wearing a hand glove will add to the performance of the ride.

2. What type of helmet should I wear during mountain biking?

You must wear helmets that are manufactured specifically for mountain biking. We have written a detailed article about the best mountain bike helmets, do take a look to learn more.

2. Are mountain bikes faster than road bikes?

Mountain bike tires are designed for slower speeds on uneven trails. However, you can install a new set of tires designed for paved roads on your mountain bike. An extra push can be given while placing the best inner tubes.

3. Is $500 enough to buy a mountain bike?

A good mountain bike costs anywhere between $400 and $1000. But you can save more money by getting quality bikes on a reasonable budget. Just look into the features you want before your purchase.

4. Are full suspension mountain bikes worth the money?

Yes, a full-suspension bike will be a worthy option if you want an enjoyable and comfortable ride. They can take more bumps and shocks that might be sent to your body when you are jumping on a bumpy road. Also, you can cycle faster for a longer period.

5. Does mountain biking burn belly fat?

Yes, you can but it will take time. Regular exercise can help develop fat loss and promote a healthy weight.


Bikes can be a reliable companion during your travel and that is why it is significant to choose the best mountain bike. Now you may find some ideas to select your dream bike after reading our article.

Every bike given on this list was carefully reviewed by our team to save your time. Do give another read if it is still confusing to pick the ideal one. Hope our article best mountain bikes under $500 will help you select the right one. Drop your comments if you have any queries and we will get back to you.

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