Ultimate Guide To Buying A Used Bike

Looking to buy a used bike is a brilliant decision if you are considering saving your bank balance and thinking to make a wise choice of not ending up in any uncertain situations. Buying a new bike has its challenges and advantages. However, a used bike can be bought after a complete research after which you will have a seamless riding experience.

A complete bike guide to buying a used bike would help you immensely to make the right decision. Our experts have listed all the things essential to make your purchase effective by making a confident investment in a used bike.

Guide To Buying A Used Bike

1. Perform A Complete Research

Pre-purchase research is vital when you are looking to buy a used bike. When you are researching for a used bike, the primary essential factor is to list out all your expectations of a bike. Consider all the options that are available in the market. Shortlist the used bikes that meet your demands. Among them, inspect all the bikes and see if they have the potential to serve your purpose. For instance, if you are looking for a bike for your routine city commute, then the used bike must be equipped with features that can meet the city traffic. Keep the most possible issues that might happen to the used bike and inspect the bike for its conditions for chances of resolving them in the future.

2. Contemplate The Brands

Considering the best brands of bikes is vital as they are less prone to wear and tear. Used bikes from the brands who are pioneers in the fields will last longer than other brands. However, inspecting the bikes before making the actual purchase is highly recommended.

3. Check The Dimensions

Bike size and other dimensions such as the frame, size of the wheels, and tires must be checked while looking for the used bike. Consider a demo ride to see if the bike fits you. There are chances of discomfort and chronic pains if you end up with the wrong-sized bike. The handlebars and footrest must align with your body.

4. Look For The Type

There are several types of bikes in the market. Not all types of bikes are similar in their features. Each of the bike vary in their construction, features, and riding techniques. Check the type and model of the used bike before deciding to buy it. For instance, if you are looking for an e-bike, have a complete look at the E-bike buyer’s guide and understand the basics that must be considered when looking for an e-bike.

5. Test Ride The Bike

Riding a bike to inspect its condition is highly advisable. Once you test-ride the bike, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the condition of the bike. Inspect the brakes for their condition. Gears and shifting must have a smooth transition. Steering must be in a good condition. Handling the bars must also be easy. There must not be any hardships while using the handlebars. Inspect if the wheels are in good condition. The tires of the bike must not be torn or prone to one soon. If the tires are in a bad condition, demand the owner to get them replaced or ask for compensation in the price.

6. Documents

Papers are a vital part of buying a used bike. Verify the legal documents and confirm with the authorities the owner of the bike. Cross-check for any legal actions against the bike in the past. If the bike is under any legal proceedings, ensure that you will not be subject to any problems in the future. Ensure to get the legal transfer of ownership once you are done with the payment. 

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Pros Of Buying A Used Bike

Savings On Expenditure : If you are running on a budget, a used bike will make a significant cut down on your cost. Expenses that are incurred on fixtures and other alterations to a new bike could also be reduced when you are buying a used bike.

Wide Array Of Options : When you are looking to invest in a used bike, you are left with wide options. Ample time can be taken to shortlist the bikes and inspect them to check them for suitability.

Performance : A used bike carries numerous advantages from the point of view of performance. You will be able to gain deeper insights into the performance of each of the parts such as gears and shifters from its owners. Also, you can take the bike to the expert for their opinion on its performance. 

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Maintaining A Used Bike

Maintain A Separate Maintenance Sheet : It is highly recommended to maintain a separate book for noting down the schedules of maintenance. A new bike will have its books and the maintenance schedules will be listed out by the retailer or the seller at the time of buying a bike. Whereas in the case of a used bike, it is your responsibility to maintain the schedules and leave your bike for service at regular intervals. Servicing your book is highly advisable to prevent the bikes from getting damaged.

Lubrication : Lubricating the metal parts for the smooth functioning of the bike is vital. Invest in the best products available in the market to prevent the formation of rust around the metal parts. Lubrication will also reflect in the performance of the bike. Like a bike needs maintenance, your body will also have to be recovered after a long ride. Have a quick gaze at the recovery tips after a long ride to keep your body active and ready for the next ride.

Accessories : Inspecting the brake lights, handle mounts, and brackets at regular intervals is important. Brake lights must be inspected at all times before taking your bike to the roads as it involves your safety and it is also a legal requirement to have good-condition brake lights.

Tire Care : Regularly inspect the tires for their condition. Gain enough knowledge on the tires by taking a look at the tire guide. As it is a used bike, we never know how the owner would have handled the bike. The tire walls must be inspected for any cuts or damages. Additionally, the strokes and nuts of the wheels must be in good condition.

Clean Up : Cleaning up the bike immediately after riding on a mud and dirt track is advisable. This will remove the dust, and debris, and will prevent the formation of rust in the wheels and other parts. Settling down of mud and debris in the metal parts will cause permanent damage to these parts.

Storage : Parking your bike in your garage or reserved parking space will prevent any accidents to your bikes. This is important from the point of view of keeping your bike safe as well. If you are not using your bike, invest in a bike rack and protect your bike from getting damaged.

Expert Checkup : Dropping your bike at your nearest experienced mechanic to inspect for any unsafe conditions or damages at regular intervals is important. This will prevent the break out of any serious conditions. Also, when you are following this regularly, your bike will be in good condition for long periods. 

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Wrap Up

Buying a used bike is a wise decision when you are considering so many options before buying a bike. This guide would have been an eye-opener for you to confidently take a step forward after your decision to purchase a used bike.

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