Cycling Through The Rainy Days And Wet Roads

How wonderful it would be to be actively mobile in your favorite sport with water drizzling on your face and body? Along with your body gaining all the benefits of biking, your mind will achieve a level of peace and calmness when you paddle in such delightful weather. However, it is important to take precautionary measures when you are choosing to bike in rainy weather. Even if you are caught in unexpected rains, you must possess a basic understanding of the steps that must be taken while biking in the rainy season.

Why Should You Bike In The Rain?

1. Physical Wellness

Biking in the rainy season will add extra spice to your exercise routine. You will have to push harder which will lead to burning extra calories. Burning extra calories will have a direct impact on your physique.

Each of your body parts is engaged to the fullest when you choose to bike in the rain. From your thighs to the arms, you must exert additional pressure and force to keep your bike moving.

2. Mental Wellness

Happy chemicals from your body will be released when riding in the rain. You will be able to stay happy without you realizing it. Although it may feel hard in the beginning, you will be able to see a happy face as you proceed with the ride.

You will be able to experience an enhanced sleep routine when you are biking in the rain. Apart from the fact that your body will get tired, there will be a complete relaxation of mind which will allow you to sleep without any disturbances.

An increase in confidence level will be witnessed while biking in the rain. Biking in the rain will make you stronger mentally as you will prepare your mind to face all the hurdles and hardships that arrive your way. 

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Essential Gears For Biking In The Rain

Mudguards : Mudguards are the vital gear essential to prevent mud and debris from splashing at you or your bikes. This is a must during the rainy season as there are increased chances of the roads getting grimy during the downpour.

Rain Boots : Riding shoes may cause discomfort once they get wet. Wet feet might lead to stoppage of the bike ride as numbing may occur after a while. Rain boots or galoshes are specially designed for this purpose to keep your foot undisturbed because of rain and mud. Investing in a rain boot is also safe as it will protect your fingers from any infections caused due to mud splashes.

Clothing : Clothing is a vital part of your touring checklist. Wearing waterproof clothes is highly recommended during rainy seasons. It is mandatory to wear clothes that protect your upper body from getting wet. Staying dry throughout the ride is important to keep the stamina and force alive.

Drypants : Keeping your lower body dry is equally important. Wearing dry pants will keep you warm. However, there are higher chances of getting wet as the water falls on your lower body with a greater force directly. Drypants will allow only minimal entry of water which is manageable.

Hand gloves : Keeping your hands and fingers warm is important. Waterproof hand gloves will keep your hands warm and dry throughout the ride. Hand gloves will also prevent your hands from slipping off the handlebar due to the moisture and humidity present in the weather pre and post-rain.

Eyewear : Protecting your eyes from water is important for an undistracted bike ride. Choose an eyewear that fits and covers the entire eye area. The glasses should fit from side to side to prevent small debris from entering the eyes. 

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Vital Checkups For The Rainy Season

Lights : Brake lights, front, and rear lights are vital during the rainy season. Ensure that all of these lights are in good working condition before you commence your bike ride in the rain. As the water can make your visibility low, lights also ensure your safety at all times.

Brakes : There are higher chances of your brakes not working properly during the wet season. This happens because of the moisture present in the air. Check your brakes regularly before every ride. If your brakes are not working properly during the ride, this might be because of the lowered brake friction due to wet roads.

Lubrication : Lubricating the tires is important in rainy weather. There are waterproof lubricants and sprays available in the market. You can invest in these products and protect your tires from rust and debris.

Handlebars : There are higher chances of the handlebars getting slippery due to wet weather. Grip covers are available in the market which will prevent slipping during rainy seasons.

Tires : It is recommended that you exert your tire pressure a little from the fullest to keep your tires in traction. Also, the brakes will function with grip on wet roads when your tires have lower pressure. 

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Maintaining The Bike After Riding in the Rain

During the rainy season, the bike must be taken extra care to retain its performance. After the riding session in the rain, make sure to pay extra attention to each of the bike’s parts. Clean the tires with fresh water. Remove the dirt and mud that are present in the front and rear tires. Look deep into the metal parts and take extra and careful measures to clean the tires. Muds would be a definite takeback when you are biking in the mountains.

Clean the mudguards as they will be filled with debris and mud. It might be hard to clean the mud at such times as they would have dried up. Pour a mixture of fresh water with mild cleaning agents to remove the dirt.

Store your bike in a proper place after drying up the bike. If you have a dedicated garage, you can store the bike in the garage. If you are parking your bike in an open space, make sure to cover the bike to prevent your bike from getting wet repeatedly during the downpour.

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Final Words

Biking in the rain is such an exciting and refreshing experience when done with the right precautions and gear. Biking in the rain will help you to get enhanced as a rider as you will get a better understanding of the sport and handling of the bike. Also, your traits such as your confidence and mental strength are built when you bike in the rain. 

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