Top 10 Safest Bike Helmet Brands in 2023

Biking for transport and leisure purposes is on the rise. The activity has further increased for exercise and wellbeing since the pandemic.

Wearing a helmet while riding your bike can reduce your risk of head injury by more than 50%, - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

So, wearing the best road bike helmet should be a mandatory part of your cycling gear. Apart from reducing the severity of head injuries, it can also protect you from these harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and even hail.

To help you pick the best bicycle helmet, we have carefully reviewed the top ones currently available in the market. Our list has a wide range of the best bike helmets from budget buy to experience level. We have also prepared a detailed comparison chart that will help you better understand the difference between the helmets and assist you in making an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in.

Quick Summary : Best Safest Bike Helmet

Best breathable - JBM Bike Helmets

If you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable material that is entirely breathable, this is the ideal bike helmet. Changeable inner liner. Detachable visor. Absorbs impact and shock resistance.

Best Tailor-made - Team Obsidian bike helmet

The exterior shell is placed in a mold and strengthened with a skeleton. 22 massive air vents. Quick-release chin adjustable strap. The foam keeps all the parts connected.

Best cutting-edge attributes - Zacro Black Plus Gray

Quick-release buckle and adjustable features allow buckling and unbuckling without changing the adjustment. Removable inner pad. Drop resistance.

Best elegant design - Base Camp bike helmet

This classic and vintage urban-style bike helmet augments your overall look. dual safety certified. A19 traditional-style bicycle helmet is an integrated polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner.

Best Resilient - VICTGOAL bike helmet

High-density PC shell and EPS foam make the shell hard and robust. Highly sturdy. Weighs 0.68 grams. Magnetic Helmet Goggles and Visor. Impact resistant.

Best dark hour pick - MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

Riding on city streets is made extra safe with MOKFIRE because of the presence of plug-in LED rear lights. PC shell and high-density foam prevent external shock. Soft inner lining.

Best Aerodynamic - MOKFIRE bike helmet

Stay cool throughout the entire bike ride with the MOKFIRE matte white helmet as it has been equipped with 16 honeycombs-type ventilation design—adjustable strap.

Best Featherweight - EASTINEAR Adults Bike Helmet

High-performance quality designed for maximum comfort with weighing only around 0.27 kilograms. LED taillight. One-handed dial fit. Integrated visor.

Best multi-functional - AGH Adult Bike Helmet

Ideal for multiple sports and cycling activities. Adjustable crank dials and buckle—detachable visor to block UV rays and reduce glare.

Editor’s choice - Nocihcass Bike Helmets for Adults

A highly reliable option meeting safety standards. Scratch resistant. Rotating dial adjustment feature. Soft padding. Sweat absorbable. 12 large vents ease airflow.

Best Bike Helmets of 2023

1. JBM Bike Helmets

JBM’s helmet is one of the best bicycle helmets designed for adult riders. Materials used are PVC & PC and EPS foam which absorbs the impact and protects the head during any sudden crash. This helmet comes in a standard size equipped with side straps to get adjusted to different head sizes. Usage of aerodynamic and ventilation design allows air to go through the helmet which helps the riders to stay cool and increase their speed. The inner liner can be changed after hours of riding. For the user’s comfort, this is made of lightweight breathable material.

This helmet can be used in many types of cycling such as BMX biking, road biking, thus making it one of the best adult bike helmets. The colors available for this unisex helmet are black, silver, blue & black, red & black, pink & black, black & sky blue, and dark blue & orange.


  • Ventilation
  • Detachable visor
  • Lightweight


  • Smaller head frame

Keep your head safe and cool with Team Obsidian’s best road cycling helmet. This is designed by a superior technique where the exterior shell is placed in a mold and strengthened with a skeleton. The airflow technology makes this a light and breathable helmet. There are 22 openings for air circulation that’ll keep your head protected and give proper airflow.

Foam is added at last to hold all the parts connected. The helmet has a quick-release chin strap and a dial fit at the back that can be adjusted for a tighter fit. Chinstrap is cushioned for extra comfort.

This unisex helmet comes in a matte finish giving it a classy look. The color variants include black, blue, red, white, and yellow. Overall, it is one of the best bike helmets that will actually fit you.


  • More vents for ventilation
  • Perfect fitting
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

Another best road bike helmet on the list is the Zacro adult bike helmet. The helmet is made of tough and durable PVC & PC material, and EPS foam material to reduce the impact of a crash. Without changing the adjustment, you can easily buckle and unbuckle with the ‘quick release buckle’ feature.

Aerodynamic design gives plenty of ventilation to keep you cool through your journey. The interior padding liner adds more comfort and you can wash it after every use.

Releasable buckles and adjustable straps allow you to fit the helmet to your comfort. A lightweight helmet with these advanced features in it makes it one of the best cycling helmets.

Available in multiple colors including pink & white, black & white, black & yellow, blue & white, grey, orange, pink & purple, sky blue & white, white, and green.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual adjustable designs
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Smaller head frame

Base camp’s helmets are a better choice for travelers and urban riders. The helmet is integrated with a polycarbonate shell with EPS for added protection and reduced stress.

The helmet can be adjusted to your comfort as it comes with 2 positions of vertical adjustability. A removable visor protects your eye from rays and your face from sun and rain. The integrated design makes it lightweight while enhancing durability for everyday use. It also has nine large vents to give optimum airflow. This best bike helmet comes in three colors black, green, and white.


  • Size adjustment system
  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Sleek look


  • Hard inner foam

One of the other best budget bike helmets on the list is the Victgoal bike helmet. It has 21 breathable vents that can reduce air resistance giving you an optimum airflow. Designed with high-density PC shell and EPS foam to give long durability and absorb the pressure caused by external impact.

Fit for both men and women and you can adjust it easily to your comfort. Another feature that makes this the best bike helmet is the USB rechargeable LED light. Also 3 lighting modes, fast flashing, slow flashing to help riders behind you to recognize your direction.

This super cool helmet comes in multiple colors including, black-red, black white, blue, metal blue, navy blue, red, silver, ti, and white. Overall, this helmet with a visor and goggles is a perfect fit for mountain bike and road bike cycling.


  • USB rechargeable led light
  • 21 breathable vents
  • Adjustable fit


  • No adjustable chinstrap

One of the best-looking bike helmets on the list is Mokfire’s bike helmet. It is designed with soft and detachable helmet pads for urban commuting and is best suited for cycling in the city and mountains.

Usage of high-quality PC shell and high-density foam to protect your head from any external impact. The plug-in rear LED lights provide clear visibility on the city streets. Soft inner lining to give you comfort whenever you wear it. Dial fit retention system helps you adjust the helmet to your size. The color variants include black, dark blue, iron grey, matte black, pearl white, and white.


  • Adjustable strap
  • LED rear light
  • Detachable helmet pads


  • Limited vents

Designed with 16 honeycombs type aerodynamic ventilation design which allows the air to pass through the helmet to keep you cool. Integrated molding structure protects the head during any sudden crash.

Double magnet goggles will protect your eyes from dust and sun rays. Another important feature that makes this the best bicycle helmet is the built-in USB rear light with 9 lighting modes providing the highest protection and visibility on city streets in the nighttime.

The full in-mold construction and soft lining make sure it is comfortable for you to wear. Chin rope can be adjusted to ease the tension around the head. Designed to be a lightweight product so that you won’t feel it in your head. It comes in two colors, matte titanium, and matte white.


  • Includes goggle
  • USB rear light
  • Lightweight


  • Not so sturdy

Eastinear’s adult helmet is one of the best adult bike helmets on the list. Adopted with high density and lightweight EPS foam and PC material reduces the impact of any sudden mishap. The bright LED light on the back could keep you safe during night cycling. 3 flashing modes like constant, flashing, and breathing modes to deal with different situations. Soft pads inside the lining can protect your head from impact.

This helmet is designed for comfort while improving safety performance. Larger air vents provide you with extra ventilation to give them a sweat-free ride. Users can adjust the helmet to any size they prefer.

Comes in three rich colors black, navy, and white. This best road bike helmet will be your perfect match for normal cycling and for adventurous trips like bike riding and mountain biking.


  • Strong protection
  • Ultralight
  • All-round adjustment


  • No goggle and visor

AGH’s adult bike helmets are made of durable PC material and tightly combined without any gaps to withstand the impact force. The EPS foam material on the inside will give a comfortable feeling while wearing. It is equipped with a detachable visor to block UV rays and to reduce glare. Plus, the adjustable crank dial and buckle will give a comfortable fit. This is a unisex adult helmet that can be used for multiple sports and cycling activities such as BMX cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating.

The multi-purpose usage makes this one of the best bike helmets in the market. The color variants are black, blue, dark pink, matte black, navy, pink, and red.


  • Detachable sun visor
  • Less weight


  • Not sturdy

Meeting the current safety standards, this bike helmet is made of matte treatment PC shell to protect the rider.

The scratch resistance feature will keep your helmet new for a long time. There is also a rotating dial adjustment feature that will allow you to adjust the helmet according to your frame.

Padding is soft, sweat absorbable, and washable so you can keep it clean after every ride. There are 12 larger vents to keep you cool through your ride allowing free airflow. This unisex helmet is best suited for cycling, road bike, and electric bike. Available colors are black, fluorescent, grey, navy blue, and white.


  • Scratch resistance
  • Adjustability


  • Integrated visor

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Bike Helmets

Choosing the right helmet for you is essential. Following is the list of factors you need to look at before buying.

Comfort & Fit : A good helmet should not put pressure on your head. Wear a helmet and nod your head, if it is still loose, then it may come off your head in case of a crash. If you’re buying online, check the head circumference and adjustments. A helmet protects your head from any external cause so comfort and fit are important. Always wear it with the chin strap tightened.

Ventilation : A helmet should provide sufficient vents to avoid sweating and heat building up inside the head. Vents in the helmet allow the air to pass through easily keeping the rider cool and sweat-free. More the vents, less the weight of the helmet.

Cost : Price plays a significant role in deciding the purchase. Always pay attention to the material used in the making. Money doesn’t matter before the quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important features to look for before buying the best-looking bike helmet?

You have to look at the fitness of the helmet. It has to be fit in your head during your ride and must not fall off in case of any crash. Check whether it has more vents for free airflow. The Chinstrap has to be tight for a perfect fit.

When to replace a bike helmet?

Anytime you have an impact or even a stumble, it should be replaced. Other than that, a good helmet with regular usage can be used for a maximum of five years.

How do I choose a perfect size?

You can choose your helmet as per the size and shape of your head.

How much should I spend on a bike helmet?

When it comes to protective equipment, cost should not matter. It is all about the safety it provides. Make sure to check whether it has all the important factors and pick the right one.

Now that you are aware of the features to be looked at, it will be easier for you to pick the right one. Hope this article’s best bike helmet will help you in your selection.

Comment if you have any queries and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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