Find Best Bike Mirrors For a Safe Ride of 2023

Having road bike mirrors helps you to ride safely and eliminates your need to look over your shoulder. It gives you excellent visibility of what is coming behind you and you can drive accordingly. The good news is that the best bike mirrors on the market are suitable for all types of bikes including the best mountain bikes. In this article, we have reviewed the best helmet mirrors available in the market. We also guide you in buying by giving the main factors to consider before you make a purchase. Come, let’s look into the article.  

Quick Summary : Best Bike Mirrors

Editors Choice - Hafny New Handlebar Bike Mirror

This is the most ideal helmet that offers excellent clarity as it is constructed using premium quality materials. Automotive-grade glass lens. Anti-glare. Made using nylon and aluminum. Passed the EU REACH test. Available in colors.

Budget Buy - MEACHOW New Bar End Bike Mirror

One of the affordable choices with UHD grade glass, anti-glare lens, and impact-resistant nylon frame. It can be placed on flat handlebars. Scratch resistant.

Best Authentic - Sprintech Bike mirror

Stays in place throughout the bike ride. Easy to handle and install. Made of plastic. Convex lens curvature. Shatter resistant. Ideal for the left-side drop bar.

Best Scratchproof - MEACHOW Bike Mirror

One of the best mirrors against scratches and any damage. high-definition anti-glare lens. impact-resistant nylon frame. clamp is made of aluminum alloy.

Best universal fit - Life On Bicycle Bike Mirror

You don't have to worry about the fittability of this bike mirror as it has been designed to be a universal fit. Crystal view flat mirror. 360° of adjustment. polymer & aluminum construction.

Best in Durability - EVT safe zone Bike Helmet mirror

If you wish to own a helmet that has been constructed using heavy-duty materials, investing in this helmet will be perfect. sturdy construction. 360 degrees adjustment. Lightweight.

Reviews of the Best Bike Mirrors of 2023

1. Hafny Bike Mirror

Hafny’s bike mirror can be placed on the top of your handlebar to give you a steady view of what is behind you. The mirror is made of sturdy nylon plus fiber frame which doesn’t break easily. Automotive-grade glass lens which is designed to be slightly convex gives you a better view. 

The anti-glare feature was only available on cars but you can get it for your bikes too in Hafny mirrors. It provides 60% anti-glare which keeps your eyes comfortable in bright sunlight. The viewing angle can also be adjusted as you ride. Overall, this is one of the best bike mirrors you can mount on your bike. 

  • Colors: Anti-glare blue left, anti-glare blue right, silver left, and silver right
  • Installation: Easy to adjust and install


  • Excellent clarity

  • Good quality

  • Sturdy and sleek

  • Anti-glare


  •  Mirror might shake on high speed

Meachow designs one of the best bike mirrors with a crystal ultra high-definition grade glass lens mirror to give a clear image of what is coming behind you. The glass is made of impact-resistant nylon, which will withstand any sudden shock and doesn't break easily. This bike mirror can only be placed on flat handlebars. 

This best bike mirror offers 50% anti-glare whereas the blue lens offers 75% anti-glare while riding in bright daylight. 

  • Colors: Blue left side, Blue right side, silver left side, silver right side
  • Installation: Easy to adjust and install


  • UHD grade glass

  • Anti-glare lens

  • Impact-resistant nylon frame


  • Adjusting can be difficult

Sprintech is another best bike mirror on our list. It is one of the most trusted bicycle mirror companies, which gives you nothing but the best. This bike mirror never moves out of place like other brands. It stays fitted in its installed position. The bike mirror is attached to the drop bar of the bike where you can clearly see who is coming behind you as you ride. Stop looking over your shoulder to see the vehicles when you have Sprintech’s mirror with you.

  • Colors: Black, blue, green, white, and yellow
  • Installation: It's easy to install


  • Easy to mount

  • Reliable

  • Stays put


  • Mirror view can be small

Meachow’s one of the best bike mirrors that is scratch-resistant so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in the best shape. The high-definition lens is anti-glare, so you can see freely in bright daylight. The frame is made of impact-resistant nylon, which will not break easily in case of any accident or when your bike falls down. The clamp is made of aluminum alloy, and this bike mirror has to be mounted on the handlebar. The silver color lens gives 50% anti-glare whereas the blue color lens gives 75% anti-glare. 

  • Colors: Blue left side, Blue right side, Silver left side, and Silver right side. 
  • Installation: You can easily install this bike.


  • Quick installation

  • Anti-glare lens

  • Scratch-resistant


  • Rear view angle can be better

Life on Bicycle is one of the best helmet mirrors for easy viewing of what is coming behind you. This mirror comes with a protective sheet around it, which you have to remove before installing it on your helmet. You can easily measure the distance between the objects behind you with this crystal view flat mirror. This best helmet mirror can be adjusted to 360 degrees while keeping eyes on the road. The mirror doesn’t move during bumpy rides because of the perfect shaft length. The polymer and aluminum combine to make this mirror sturdy and lightweight.

  • Color: Black
  • Installation: Easy to install


  • Sturdy and strong

  • 360 degrees adjustment

  • Lightweight


  • Ball joint for mirror adjustment is not smooth
EVT Bicycle Helmet Mirror

EVT designs one of the best helmet mirrors with sturdy construction. The helmet doesn’t vibrate during bumpy rides. This sturdy nature is because of the high-quality materials used to design this bike. This helmet can easily be adjusted as you ride and gives a clear view of what is coming behind you. The 2 ¼” mirror gives a huge view compared to other mirror brands. Overall, this is one of the best helmet mirrors that offer better visibility for you.

  • Colors: Black
  • Installation: It’s easy to install


  • Sturdy and strong

  • 360 degrees adjustment

  • Lightweight


  • Ball joint for mirror adjustment is not smooth

Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Bike Mirrors

When you are buying mirrors for your road bike or a mountain bike, there are certain factors that you need to consider. That includes adjustability, mirror size, compatibility, etc. Read them in detail below.

1. Adjustability

A mirror’s adjustment is important to make changes as you ride on your bike. Even if the mirror’s angle is not properly adjusted, you must be able to adjust it while you ride. Even with greater adjustability, the mirror can move out of position. So this is an important factor to consider.

2. Mirror size

We do not advise larger mirrors as they can take up a lot of space in the front of your bike. To see what’s behind you, even a smaller size mirror is sufficient. It will keep you safe while riding. But it doesn’t mean you can get too small a mirror because it will block your visibility of what’s coming behind. It can be risky for you too.

3. Compatibility

Bike mirrors are available for all types of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and other types as well. Before buying the mirror, measure the outside of the top handlebar and inside of the bar end because sizes can vary.

4. Right, and left-sided mirrors

You might wonder which side of the helmet or handlebar is best to mount your mirror. In countries that drive on the left, a mirror on the right side would be an ideal choice. And in countries that ride on the right, left side mirror would be perfect to see things behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are helmet mirrors?

Helmet mirrors directly fit your helmets instead of handlebars. They are comparatively smaller than the handlebar-mounted mirrors. Helmet mirrors are a great choice if you want to have a quick glance at what’s behind you.

2. What is a handlebar mirror?

Handlebar mirrors are mounted on the bar of your bicycle. These mirrors are a great choice if you want an uninterrupted view of what’s behind you.

3. How many mirrors do I need for my bike?

It depends on the state that you are riding in. Alaska requires both side mirrors, a rearview mirror for the state of Arizona, one rearview mirror in Arkansas, and the state of California requires a rearview mirror. Also for the countries that ride on the left, a mirror on the right would be good and for the countries that ride on the right, a mirror on the left would be ideal.

4. How much do the best bike mirrors cost?

The bike mirrors can cost between $10 to $50 dollars on average. It depends on the brand of the product you choose. Make sure you go through the buying guide before you buy any bike mirrors.

5. Where should I fit my bike mirror?

Depending on the bike mirror type, you need to fit it on your bike. There are different types of bike mirrors available including, handlebar mirrors, and helmet mirrors. So look for the product carefully before you buy it.


Mirrors safeguard you on your trail and are indeed a great companion. That is why you need to choose it carefully. You should be able to see the object behind you clearly and not have blurred vision. That is why you need to consider certain important factors before you make any decision. Make sure the product you choose meets all your requirements. Hope this article helps you in picking the best bike mirrors and best helmet mirrors. Write to us if you have any doubts and we will get back to you soon.

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