Best Normal & Electric Unicycles (2023 Reviewed)

The unicycle is a single-wheel cycle, with a saddle on the top connecting it to the wheel. There are two pedals that help to balance the cycle and ride it. These are harder to ride than normal bicycles because this has only one wheel that is connected to the rear wheel and two pedals, the riders are responsible for the whole balance on all sides. But with consistent practice and learning to control the gravity to ride anyone can handle this. There are two types of unicycles, one is a normal unicycle that runs using pedaling, and the other is one electric unicycle. These two unicycles have special features and advantages on their own.

If you are new to riding a unicycle or looking for a better replacement for your old unicycle, in this article we have listed the best unicycle in the market to help you make the right choice.

Best Unicycles Reviews of 2023

1.AW Leakproof Butyl Tire Unicycle

AW Leakproof Butyl Tire Unicycle

This unicycle is basically designed for kids and teenagers, they can enjoy their ride or learn using this. It is manufactured using manganese and aluminum material that is used for the cycles’ stability and durability. Its super adjustable seat can be easily inched up for your adequate height. The leg paddle is the only balancing place for controlling the cycle's stability and comfort. Its tire is specifically designed in a butyl rubber material for maintaining the whole balance of the cycle. The tire's inner material is coated with lead-free elements and the outer layer of the tire is skid-proof and the rim part is made up of aluminum material.

When you buy online it comes with a box of cycle parts, and screws, they also provide the required tools for fitting the cycle parts. You can fix it by yourself or you can get professional help.

This AW leakproof unicycle is made for kids, teenage people, and beginners who are there to start their riding practice. Practicing it daily helps to maintain your fitness and health.

Additional info

  • Colors: Orange, blue, red, silver, yellow
  • Size: 16 inches
  • Material: Steel


  • Adjustable seat

  • Anti-slip seat tube

  • 28 spokes bars

  • Leak-free butyl inner tire

  • Skidproof outer tire

  • Seat has a handle at the backside

  • Benefits for kids

  • Easy to learn

  • Mute bearing


  • Bolts are too short

  • Seat doesn't fit after using

  • Tube comes out

2.Fun Wheel Unicycle

Fun Wheel Unicycle

This unicycle is designed for adult usage, a professional rider, or a beginner anyone can choose this cycle and ride them. There's a handle at the back of the saddle for riders' comfort. You can adjust your seat height up to your desired height. It can extend from 63 cm to 73 in height, it's quickly adjustable, and a releasable latch point does the work more conveniently. The tire is made up of smooth tread kenda tire for delivering an ideal balance

Additional info

  • Colors: Black, blue, chrome, red, yellow
  • Size: 20 inch
  • Material: alloy rib


  • Good seat handle

  • Adjustable seat

  • Easily adjustable seat clamp

  • Alloy rim

  • Best for adults

  • Kenda soft tire


  • Seat may not be sturdy

3.Fantasycart Unicycle

Fantasycart Unicycle

This Fantasycart unicycle is made up of rubber material. It is a unicycle suitable for adults and can be adjusted up to 24 inches in height. The tires are skidproof which prevents the cyclist from slipping. Plus, the tire is made of a tubeless material and it has a tread type of slick material which improves the on-road riding capacity.

The saddle is adjusted according to the rider's height and preferences. This unicycle can be used for roaming indoors and riding outdoors. This brand gives discounts on buying more products in the wholesale range.

Additional info

  • Color: Chrome blue
  • Size: 24-inch
  • Material: Aluminum crank


  • Tubeless tires

  • Skidproof

  • Easy to assemble

  • Best for adults

  • 24 inches cycle


  • Wheel bearings are hard

  • Not suitable for kids

4.Zehuoge Unicycle

Zehuoge Unicycle

This unicycle is designed of international quality for adults. A professional or even a practicing cyclist may learn using this cycle. A standard manganese steel frame is used for manufacturing this cycle. Its crank arms are formulated from top-quality materials, and its pedal is formulated from Yong Hua pedals. The saddle is large, adjustable, and also has a removable rail in it. These rails are made up of poly-nylon material for a comfortable riding position.

The tire is prepared with 2 layered butyls to have a better balance between the cycle and the road. Its inner part comes with leak protection and its outer part comes with skidproof material. It is designed with a mute bearing for noiseless riding. Its rim is made of thick aluminum for better air stability. It can be assembled easily by using the spares given along with the cycle.

Additional info

  • Color: Green, orange, red, silver, yellow
  • Size: 20-inch and 16-inch
  • Material: Aluminium


  • Anti-slip seat tube

  • Non-slip pedal

  • Thick aluminum alloy

  • Mute bearing

  • Easy installation

  • Durable

  • High lubrication support

  • Standard steel fork


  • Size is small for adults

5.Jacoble's Astonishing Mountain Unicycle

Jacoble's Astonishing Mountain Unicycle

This cycle is made up of a manganese material for lasting performance which can be utilized by both practitioners and professionals. Its saddle is easily adjustable. The tire is made up of a two-layered butyl material for lasting strength.

Inner part comes with leakage protection and the outer part comes with skid-proof material. Handles made of plastic provide a better grip. The installation does not take effort, you can easily assemble it.

Additional info

  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Material: Aluminium, Steel


  • Double layered tire

  • Thick aluminum alloy

  • Manganese steel frame

  • Skidproof

  • Leakage protection

  • Nonslip pedal

  • No slip seat tube

  • Easy to assemble

  • Safe to ride


  • Seat loosens and might be hard for some

Electric Unicycle

1.Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle

Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle

The Inmotion electric unicycle is designed for professional racers who need extra speed support. It can also be used for leisure purposes. This is considered the world's first built-in pedal suspension design which has about 3.35-inch air springs, 18×3 inch XL tires for handling uneven paths, extra wide pedals, and 18-inch off-road wheels for providing you with a comfortable ride. The tire is attached to effective motors which give about 2200 W capacity; it can be reached up to a maximum speed of 31 mph within 5s. These are not only efficient on normal roads they can also handle better on 35-degree slope areas. There's a stand at the bottom of the cycle to stop them at a juncture.

The electric cycles work on quality batteries, which are important for smooth and uninterrupted quality rides. It has a dual charging capacity which can be fully charged within 4 hours. On full charge mode, it can last up to 75 miles and there's no need to carry chargers or constantly charge them.

These cycles are manufactured on having consciousness of the safety measures, it is provided with headlights for a 7800 lux beam front. The light glows on breaks to give you backing support during the nighttime. With all these excellent features you can have a great riding experience.

Additional info

  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Style: Sport


  • Motors have a 2200W capacity

  • Reaches 31 mph within a few seconds

  • Rides on 35degree slope areas

  • Full charged battery lasts for 75 miles of travel

  • Dual charging capacity

  • Charged within 4 hours

  • Front headlights

  • 7800 lux beam frequency

  • Best for professionals


  • Replacing parts could be quite hard to track

2.9Bot A1 Electric Unicycle

9Bot A1 Electric Unicycle

Transforming the world of unicycles and a hoverboard, this Ninebot one A1 electric unicycle has evolved and changed the cyclist's range. This is designed with the latest technology and features, and its appealing look will adore you at first sight. It is designed with a fully sealed tank design for a modern touch and IP54 class protection for durability and stability. The all-type road adaptive feature manages you to travel in any weather conditions.

The ninebot typically manages and runs the whole cycle, it also has a mobile application through which you can handle this. Connecting this with mobile Bluetooth you can avail of many features like finding the fault, firmware update, and other personalized settings.

According to the electric quantity, the prompt light also gives different colors. It is specifically built using BMS intelligent system for managing the battery, it looks after each part in the cycle carefully and secures its battery from getting damaged. Its fundamental purposes are to prevent the batteries from getting harmed, realize the alerts, parking protection, and escort safe cycling.

It comes with a 400W capable motor which makes you roam at your own pace, you can reach a speed of about 11.5 mph.

Additional info

  • Color: White
  • Warranty: Need to contact customer service
  • Style: outdoor, sports


  • Innovative design

  • Dual batteries

  • Lightweight

  • Sealed tank design

  • Class protection

  • Can ride in both rainy and dry conditions

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Works through a portable mobile app

  • Electric quantity checking light

  • Can be fully charged within 3 hrs


  • Tire becomes flat frequently

  • Seat may be too hard to sit

3.Airwheel Electric Unicycle

Airwheel Electric Unicycle

This electric unicycle is manufactured with low-carbon products giving us a cycle with an environmentally friendly design, its built-in intelligent balancing chip helps to maintain the equilibrium of the cycle. The gyroscope algorithm and aviation altitude control enhance the productivity of this modern style design. Its pedal is made using aluminum which is wide, and anti-slip providing comfort and support for your ride.

The battery leads up to 130 Wh power which gives a stable performance and turns on the adjustable anti-dust cap for charging. You can also turn it off when not in charging mode. The tire is made using high-quality rubber for riding in mixed terrain. It chills and maintains the grip between the road and the cycle.

Additional info

  • Color: White
  • Warranty:1 year warranty for motors and 3 months for other parts
  • Style: Protection


  • Environmental friendly

  • Uses low carbon

  • Anti-slip pedals

  • 130wh battery life

  • 9.4 mph of speed

  • Aviation aluminum allow


  • Battery quality could be better

Buyer’s Guide

Though we have come across efficient details of these each branded unicycle, there are a few more steps to note down and check out to buy the best normal and electric unicycles.

1.Better gripping paddle

As unicycles are single-wheeled cycles their only balance and gripping spot are these paddles. It should definitely have anti-slip protection in both the peddle area for maintaining balance, standing firm, and riding it. Do not compromise on these paddle quality as this is the primary part of unicycle balance.

2.Wheel stability

Cycle wheels are another major part of this unicycle-balanced riding. Choosing a top-quality wheel with a specifically designed wheel will save your ride. The wheel should come along with anti-skid protection for having control in the terrain areas and rough roads. It should be smooth, should have two-layer stability, and leak protection.

The wheel rim must have a mute bearing string for noiseless riding.

3.Design and material

Both external and internal design matter in choosing the best unicycle around. It should have a proper, wide, and extra-foamed saddle for a comfortable sitting position. The saddle should have an adjustable rod with it for customizing the height. It should have a handle for holding and balancing in times of riding.

The unicycle should be built using top-quality materials like aluminum and steel for its lasting frame and fork quality. It should come with high lubricant support for long-lasting usage.

4.Motor and speed

Normal unicycles do not have motors, their pedal pumping is the actual speed maintained in these cycles. It is controlled and slowed down by applying brakes. Break quality is another important thing that should be carefully considered.

Electric unicycles have specialized motors which give efficient speed for professional riders. Check the motor's capacity and durability for handling the roadways.

5.Battery durability

Though electric unicycles have paddles that run through these batteries, choose a long-lasting and top-quality battery. It helps to cover long distances stably without the need for constant charging. Choose a durable battery that provides potential speed for handling uneven roads and terrains smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the point of unicycles?

Practicing this unicycle even for a basic daily ride will improve your physical and mental health. it also helps to learn the balancing of the cycle.

2.What is the best size unicycle to learn?

Probably you can use 20 inches unicycle for adults to learn on normal roads and it is 26 inches for mountain riders.

3.How long does it take to learn to unicycle?

It won't occupy more time every day, one hour of consistent practice sessions you can learn within a total of 15 hours.

4.How much does a unicycle cost?

Basically, these unicycles' cost starts from $60 to $300, these can be varied according to their quality, performance, and stability.

5.Can you go downhill on a unicycle?

Yes, with certain instructions to ride you can ride a unicycle in a downhill area. Rather than riding fast slowly moving is helpful downhill. Putting pressure on the seating area and bending your knees and balancing will help you to handle the downhills.


A unicycle would change your lifestyle into a super modern type. These can be ridden even inside the home and also outdoor rides. Electric unicycles differ much from normal unicycles as they have many technical features which support better riding. These used chargeable battery motors unless pedaling. Though the batteries last longer it costs replacements and repairs, and you also need to carry a charger whenever necessary. But these are not there in normal unicycles; they work in pedals with a seat upright.

Both cycles are best in their way, find your need and choose according to your preferences.

Hope you have benefited from this article for finding the best unicycles among these products.

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