Buying a Bike From a Store vs Buying Online – Which is the Best?

When you have decided to buy a bike, there also comes an additional question of where should buy the bike - in-store or online. In the beginning, everything was simple. All you had to do was to visit a few stores, try a few bikes, and then off you went with the bike. But today everything has changed because of the Internet.

Ever since the Internet has come into our lives, buying online has become a preferred option for everyone due to reductions in price and other exciting offers which you do not get when you buy in-store. But what are the pros and cons of buying a bike online and from stores? Which one should you prefer? To know the answers to these questions, dive into this article!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Bicycle From A Physical Store

Knowledge is one of the most significant advantages of getting a bike from a physical store. The salespeople in the physical stores are well-experienced in this field and you can gain a lot of information about the cycle from them. They also help you with choosing the perfect bike for you. A number of factors including height, leg and arm length, riding techniques, and other preferences decide the perfect bike fit.

In stores, a person will be there to analyze the fit as you ride the bike and help you with choosing the better bike. The geometry of the cycle varies from bike to bike and a bike shop can brief you about all of them and especially gives details about the bike you would like to buy. You can also compare different types of bikes and go for the one that suits you with advice from the salesperson.

A bike store is also a great place to check the fit if you are buying biking clothes, shoes, accessories, and bike helmets along with the bike. Another huge benefit of buying a bike from a store is the service department. Every bike comes with a free service for the first few months. If anything is wrong with the bike, you can easily replace it using the warranty provided. Any issues with the bike will be resolved right away in a bike store. You can also customize your bike to your choice from a store easily. Some bike shops offer you some quality details on the bike other than just giving coffee and simply billing the bike.

Many bike stores also have a group organized by them for bike lovers. You can join them on the weekly group ride and get to meet new friends. The disadvantage of buying a bike from a store would be the cost of the components other than the bike can be a lot. Other negatives include that most bike stores are tied to certain brands and they stock up their inventories. Your desire for the inventory you want can be rare. In the beginning, people started bike stores out of passion and not as a business. But now, due to low payment and scarce staff, you can see a lot of employer turnover. If you are buying a bike from a store that has knowledgeable staff, you can gain more from them other than just getting a bike.

Things to consider when buying a bike from a store

  1. The salesperson may talk you into buying a bike with features that you don’t really need, so do not fall for them.

  2. The physical stores may have limited stock.

  3. Comparing prices of the bike with different stores can eat up your time, money, and effort.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Bike Online

Shopping bikes online have unlimited options of specs, features, and colors. Reviews for the bike you want at your fingertip. Buying online means, there are manufacturers who sell directly to the customer when you place an order on the website. These direct-sales brands have a customer support team in every state for technical and warranty support.

Secondly, there are other websites that sell these bike brands. For example, some premium water bikes can only be bought online. You can compare the price, features, and others to millions of other bikes any number of times and make an informed choice out of it. There are many online reviews websites present these days for bikes and you can learn more about the bikes you want.

When buying online, the prices can be compared in seconds in an online inventory of a bicycle store. Online stores offer you huge deals and discounts compared to a physical store. Make sure that you are buying from a well-reputed, and reliable website to avoid falling for any scams. Whether buying directly from the manufacturer online or an online store, one huge benefit is the price discount.

The main disadvantage of buying online is you cannot customize your bike to your choice. Another negative is that you will be spending a huge amount without having a demo ride unless you have a friend who has the same bike. The assembly has to be done by yourself or you can ask for assistance from a nearby shop. If any of the bike components arrive damaged, that is extra money and energy needed to get the issue resolved. You may have to pay for shipping depending on the country you live in and the brand for the repair. Warranty issue is the biggest headache, where you have to update your bike’s status to the manufacturer and wait for their response. Some bike manufacturers do not sell outside of their shops. So you cannot get that particular bike other than from the store.

Things to consider when buying a bike online

Like there are two sides to a coin, there are two sides to the e-commerce industry. To make sure your online purchase is worth the money, you need to check the following.

  1. Online sales are huge and you will come across many reviews and websites.

  2. Not all the reviews you read online are true to be trusted.

  3. You may fall for scams if you do not verify them properly.

  4. The assembly of the bike as it arrives in a box.

  5. The entire decision you make will be based on your guess rather than first-hand experience.

Which is Better? Buying a Bike Online Vs From a Store

As it is difficult to choose which is better as both online and offline purchase has their own pros and cons, you can always go for manufacturers that offer both online and offline service. You can purchase the bike online, talk to the salesperson via phone or email and get a demo ride in a store that is nearby your location. This way, you get the best out of the two worlds and know that your hard-earned money is worthwhile.

Now that you have learned the benefits and downsides of online and in-store shopping, you can now search for your bike and reap the benefits of both online and offline services.

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