How to Find the Best Cycling Routes?

Cycling is an enthusiastic physical activity that gives various health benefits like improving blood circulation, building strength, building stamina, and so on. There's nothing delightful like traveling alone that too on a bicycle. Before you embark on your cycling trip, you must plan the route you want to take.

Finding the Best Cycling Routes

By using maps specifically for cycling, you can find any place and calculate the routes. Maps are available both offline and online. But an online map through websites and apps is more convenient. There are many apps and websites available to search and find the best roadways. Each app has significant proceeds in its way. No matter the type of bicycle you ride, the below points will help you find the best routes.


Cost: $3.99 to $ 29.99

Komoot is one of the apps that provide the highlighted graph of roads, forest areas, and local paths. It is useful for mountain bikers, road cyclists, and other adventure riders. Search for your destination without the need of looking into it while riding it gives instructions through voice. It can be worked through offline and the location can be highlighted and shared with friends. Ride with your ride-tracking device or app and GPS for finding the direction.


Cost: Free- $29.99/yr

Bikemap provides navigation for mountain riders and long-road riders. It works in 3D modes, open cycles, and dark modes. It even works in offline mode to find repair shops, restaurants, resting places, and so on.

3.Ordnance Survey

Cost: $ 13.99

Ordnance Survey covers the places in and around the US city. Even though it is an old-fashioned map, it helps to find out the roadways, geographic details, and so on. They offer a premium subscription for their customers to have an enhanced view of places in the app. In this OS map, the main roads are highlighted in red or green color, motorways are highlighted in blue color, big roads are highlighted in brown color and small roads are highlighted in yellow color

4.Google Maps

Cost: Free

Google Maps most commonly used app around people and it is used in more than 220 countries globally. Through Google Maps, you can easily find the best cycling routes. It provides various mapping modes for clearly searching, viewing, and finding places. Simply search for your destination and you will find a route sketching all the possible ways. It is also available in offline mode free of cost.

5.Bicycle Route Navigator

Cost: $9.99- $94.99 per route section

Bicycle Route Navigator needs no subscription; you can download more than 100 varied routes on this map and use them. It provides you with more than 47,000 miles of experience routes along with the details of riding distance, road conditions, nearby shops, repair stations, resting or accommodation information, and even the minute weather/ climatic condition. This is suitable for bikers who need long-distance route guidance for their long ride.

Tips for Finding the Best Off-Road Cycling Routes

By using maps we could find the best way in and around the location. Other than the usual roadways and paths these maps provide many short routes even in the nukes and corners. It suggests even in the restricted areas where the bicycle can move around. Here’s how you can find them.

  • On the map, the cycleways are marked in green lines, they would show the possible routes along small roads, and streets. It shows if there are any possible ways even in restricted areas
  • Another benefit of these maps is that they show ways through canals and riverside pathways. It is difficult to find these shortcut roads without the help of these maps. If you are to take the river sideways be ready to face that bumpy and clumsy way
  • These provide every possible way that a car or a heavy-duty vehicle can't move in. When you ride a bicycle it takes less space to proceed, it is the major reason why bicycles have many routes and short routes to travel
  • Even though you can search and find the best ways, ask a friend or an experienced cyclist for finding the better route and ideas to travel in them. For sure they would have an even better route to travel and they'll also give suggestions about resting and repairing stops. They probably will have mapped the safe and possible routes, you can reference all of those

Other Best Ways For Finding Cycling Routes

We can find routes using a map but other than searching and making notes on a map there are many other ways to find routes for riding your bicycle. In some cases there's no need of owning a cycle, you can rent one from many tourist places and even in hotels. An experienced cyclist is one hope but an experienced tour guide is another alternative for finding the best routes.

1.Veloguide Route Builder

Veloguide is a route guide plus a social app for connecting with people. This provides you with an extraordinary facility for finding your route and connecting with the local cyclist for better knowledge. This app gives us routes that are harder for other maps to find out.

2.Bike Westin

Though Bike Westin, you can efficiently find the routes, this type is different from all those. If you are in a tourist place, where you want to go cycling you have got the best way through Bikewestin. On logging into this hotel you can rent a bicycle there along with that they'll connect you with a local tourist guide. Connecting with a guide will help to discover new unseen places and have a great ride.

3.Trek Travel

Are you a person who chooses cool and effortless travel and route searching, these Trek Travel delivers your type. In this, there's no work for you other than riding your bike as they will guide you with all the planned routes for your whole ride. They will give you a map with marked tourist places and routes to travel to them. It is optional for you to accompany your guide with you or you can take a self-guided ride planned by them.


Strava is an online guide that has a website and mobile app. Through these guides, you can easily find different types of routes for one destination. You can choose an acceptable route and follow that.

The app provides you with a free trial and in the premium version, you can find many hidden safe routes other than the free Strava version. This route guide helps you to create your own route using the GPS feature. You can pre-plan and note down all the stops and short directions. There's a heat mapping facility for you to find nearby rides while you are traveling in. They provide photos and cue sheets for in-depth information about that particular place in which you are traveling.

Final words

Route maps are available both offline and online through mobile apps, guides, and even through social networking features in the map, you can connect with nearby riders for even more valuable information.

Searching to find a route makes you see and discover many innermost roads and unknown places. If you’re not sure where to ride, the tips in our guide will help you find one and make your travel experience remarkable. Are there any other ways to find the best bike routes? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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