How to Recover your Body After a Long Bike Ride?

Long bike rides are one of the greatest bliss of life. It increases your endurance and gives you a euphoric feeling that keeps you happy throughout the day. But after these long rides, you become drained. If it's your first long ride then definitely become drained both physically and mentally.

Post-ride recovery is essential for everyone to do their day-to-day activities and also for upcoming rides.

Here there's some tips and a guide for recovering from a long bike ride.

Tips to Recover From a Long Bike Ride

Consider the below points to recover from a long-distance bike ride. The suggestions mentioned here are general. As an extra precautionary step, it is always safe to get a physician's opinion.

1.Rehydrate with water

Manage to have some water, and fluids wherever necessary while you are ongoing your ride to avoid dehydration. It is recommended to drink at least 500ml water or fluids per hour while riding and more if it's hot. Dehydration may delay your recovery process as your blood turns into sludge.

After completing your ride also make sure to take the required amount of fluids before taking any large meals.

2.Get a massage

Taking good care of your feet and other strained muscles give relief and prevents future muscle injuries. A good massage helps to relax your muscles. It prevents the hands, legs, back, and shoulders from numbness, creating clots. Massaging improves blood circulation, relieves mental stress, and strengthens your muscle.

You can soak your legs with warm water for instant relaxation or you can have a hot shower after returning from your ride.

A post-ride massage is better but you should have control over it and avoid anything too vigorous when your muscles are still recovering from your ride. Instead of going for a full-blown professional session, you can invest in a recliner massage chair so you can relax in the comfort of your home.

3.Refuel with nutrition

Right after returning from a long ride don't go for a meal, drink water in the first 20 minutes after a ride. Then take some good nutritious food, avoid junk foods or large quantities of food. Take nuts, healthy drinks/juice or some veg salads then after some time have a proper meal.

A protein and carbohydrate-rich food replenish energy and help to build energy for your upcoming daily activity. Don't skip on taking a required amount of nutrition. You can even consult a nutrition expert to get a list of recommended items you need to have after a ride.

4.Be cautious when taking supplements

People would prefer powerful antioxidants for quick pain and stress relief like Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Some people take painkillers for getting instant relief from pain but taking these pills and antioxidants suppresses the pain and holds up the injury for a long time. These would give rise to another clueless pain or health problem. By taking antioxidant supplements, your recovery might be slow and it’ll be hard to build your muscles. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.


After a long-distance ride on any type of bike you definitely feel tired. A comfortable rest is essential for you to recover. But you have already come a long way, just hold on for some more time and do some relaxable stretches. Small stretches improve your muscle health and road you to do other activities efficiently.

You do mobility activities such as yoga for relief and calming of your mind. It doesn't have to be a lot just moving your shoulders, pinching your shoulder blades back, trying to lift your arms over your head, and windmilling your arms a few times.

Stretching after a ride increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury, improves joint mobility, and helps your muscles relax. You may know the basic stretching for loosening up your muscles or ask for expert advice. It not only improves your physical flexibility but also improves your mental health.

6.Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is an essential recovery tool. Getting good rest will help your body recover and also prepare you for the next ride.

After hours of moving around, your body longs for taking rest, and having a good sleep helps to boost up your body and mind. Have enough sleep to your need. Taking a quick nap for over 20 minutes also can power up and help you to refresh instantly.

7.Take it slow

As your body is still in recovery mode don't put yourself immediately into another physical activity like swimming or running. Sometimes your body won't accept it as the first activity after a ride.

Don’t involve much effort work to keep your body smooth. You may feel like laying on the bed or couch all day but it will affect your muscles and health. Start small, take a walk, or go for a short ride to a nearby coffee shop or to get groceries.

8.Let your mind rest too

Mental recovery is more important than physical recovery. You must also give enough attention to your mind in the recovery process.

After your ride, it's good to meet up and join your friends for some short entertainment. You can chill out with them at your own favorite spots.

Try to relax by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Simply inhale deeply through your nose and count to 3 to 4 then exhale for a count of 3 to 4. You can repeat this 10 times. This relaxation technique will calm your nervous system.


A quick breakdown of the recovery tips discussed in our article.

  • If you are nearing your venue do some easy peddling and stabilize your track for starting your recovery path
  • After a day of returning from your long ride take a complete recovery rest or you can also take a small recovery ride
  • Avoid taking alcohol/drugs, too much coffee or junk food it affects your health and slows down your recovery process
  • Play some relaxing games but do not involve too much gaming with your mobile phone
  • Do what you love or spend some quality time with your own circle of people
  • Wear comfortable gentle clothes
  • Using ice cubes in the thighs, ribs, and shoulders loosens the muscles. You may also take a calm bath for relief.
  • Of all the other stuff do write your experience or record your on-road experience in your long ride. This creates a blissful feeling, it once again takes you back to the long route you have come across.

A long bike ride keeps you adventurous and challenging throughout the whole way. Your body and mind get super tired after covering those long distances. It needs some essential attention for recovery. Whether you're an experienced or a new rider, consider the tips mentioned in our article to get your body and mind to relax after a long ride.

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