When is the Best Time to Buy a Bicycle?

A bicycle is not only great recreational and fitness equipment but also a straightforward mode of transportation that is perfect for running daily errands. Although buying a bicycle is an investment in living healthily, it doesn't have to be expensive. Additionally, you shouldn't compromise on quality just to save some money. One strategy for striking a balance between price and quality is to figure out when to buy a bike.

Knowing the best time of year to buy a bike could be the first step in locating one that has the best deal if you're wanting to buy one. Here are some bike-buying tips to help you save money and get the right bike.

When Is the Best Season to Buy a Bike?

1.Holiday sales

The Christmas season brings you holiday cheer and cycling bargains. Retailers are eager to provide discounts throughout the holiday season. With these awesome discounts, put yourself in the spirit of giving.

2.Spring sales

Shopping in the early spring is fun because the cold weather is just starting to fade away. Retailers are aware that springtime is a great time to go bicycling. They'll entice you with deals. Keep an eye on what is a deal and what is simply a promotion. Spring cleaning is a custom that comes with the season. Many folks are organizing their garages and sheds. This indicates that many of them will sell or donate their bikes.

3.Initial fall sales

Sales for back-to-school are booming in the fall. Major brands release their newest models for the year in September. Older models are discounted when new ones are introduced.

4.Year-end sales

Holiday sales frequently fall at this time of year. However, this goes beyond the commotion of the holiday shopping season. One of the finest times to purchase bikes on sale is right now.

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Bike?

The place you shop is just as crucial as the time you shop. No matter the type of bike you’re after, the three main locations to purchase bicycles are large retailers, neighborhood bike shops, and internet e-commerce merchants. Each offers advantages depending on your way of life and shopping interests.

1.Large-scale retailers

Large-scale businesses with great selections and affordable pricing include REI and Walmart. Although buying from brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart may not give the same degree of quality as doing it online or at a nearby specialty bike shop, it does offer bikes for beginners at a reasonable price. While buying a bike from a local store may have a larger initial cost than buying one from an internet merchant, it typically includes some free maintenance.

2.Nearby bike shops

A local American alternative for purchasing your next bike is local bike stores. You assist the neighborhood's small business owners while also boosting the regional economy. When you shop locally, you're helping a local family realize their aspirations. Since they are close to you and thus convenient to reach, local bike shops are the greatest option for skilled service. This is a benefit that other merchants lack.

3.Retailers of online goods

Online stores make buying simple. You can select a bicycle that meets your needs and have it delivered to your home with just a few mouse clicks. With the assistance of e-commerce websites like Amazon, shopping has never been simpler.

How to Get the Best Bike Deals?

The ideal moment to purchase a bicycle is frequently a result of knowledge and good fortune. All the methods for finding the best bicycle deals are given here.

1. Discuss the price of the bike

Many small-town merchants, dealers in secondhand goods, and producers permit some haggling. Never hesitate to ask for help. There are several excellent bike options available for way under $500 even.

2. Purchase a used bike online

Online secondhand bike shopping offers a wide range of choices. Both straight from the prior user and secondhand thrift stores are included in this. Consumer-to-consumer purchases are now made simple by platforms like eBay, Facebook, and many others.

3. Make use of coupon codes

Look for potential codes and discounts on their websites, in the comment sections, in the competitions, and on social media. Additionally, you can read about forthcoming sales here.

4. Pay attention to sales

Watch out for sales, whether they come from social media advertisements or recommendations from other bike-riding families. Never undervalue retailer newsletters. Many retailers will offer you a discount coupon when you sign up for their emails. Register with them. Along with the sign-up bonus, you'll also gain exclusive access to forthcoming sales.

5. Invest in a test bike

Bicycles used for presentation and test rides are known as demonstration bikes. In any case, they become worthless after being used by other consumers before being purchased.

6. Do It Yourself

You can customize your bike to a great extent by building it. This translates to better traction, enhanced aerodynamics, and increased speed for an experienced rider. This could cause a newcomer more stress and work than it's worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time of year is ideal for buying mountain bikes?

In the summer, mountain bikes are often regarded as in-season. Purchasing them out of season can result in respectable savings and deals. Additionally, new models debut in September. This means that because shops seek to get rid of older stock, older models are sometimes less expensive. When all is said and done, the optimum time to purchase mountain bikes (MTB) is in the fall.

2. When do new bike models launch each year?

Although it varies depending on the bike brand, new models are usually released in late summer or early fall. For the upcoming season, this indicates that new models are planned and ready. A 6-speed freewheel, steel 28/38/48t crankset, and hi-ten steel frames are just a few of the models' remarkable characteristics. More models are developed and updated each fall.

3. Is building your bike better or more affordable?

Although it might be, for a newcomer, this is the trickiest technique to find the best offer. To build a bike on a tight budget, you can discover a fantastic price on a frame and add on components as you go. Finding a decent deal, understanding how to assemble the bike, and patience are all necessary. Keep this in mind as you get more confident in your maintenance abilities and learn which components you need as you play the sport.

4. Can you save money by purchasing a bicycle on sale?

Discounts of 20% to 30% are frequently offered on brand-new bicycles from the current model year. If you're lucky, you might occasionally find 50% off deals. However, that is more likely to happen at large retailers. Fall is often when used motorcycles are most readily offered at excellent prices. Many people need garage space for a new purchase, just as stores need floor space.

5. Does it make sense to wait for new model-year bikes?

With each model year, you'll probably find a worthwhile improvement if you value having the most cutting-edge bike available. But keep in mind that both road and mountain bikes only get better over time. True revolutions, like disc brakes or suspension, come slowly and infrequently. Newer bikes will not offer anything new that previous bikes don't already offer, regardless of whether you ride them for recreation or transportation. These are typically minor adjustments, such as new methods for producing carbon fiber or suspension-dampening circuits. When you're pushing the limits of your performance or terrain, they only come into play on a regular hybrid or city bike.


Even though there is no one ideal time to buy a bike, we researched the best times to buy a bike to help you get the best value. Regardless of the season, that would be a fantastic moment to negotiate a price and purchase a bicycle. The autumn or fall of a given year can be ideal. It pays to conduct some study and determine the potential end of life for a model.

Sometimes, it is preferable to wait till the end of the line. With so many options available, buying a bike may be a difficult undertaking. It can not seem simple to strike a balance in addition to the price tags. Everybody wants to find a great bike at a great price. There are ways to get a good bike at a reasonable price.

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