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Weight Limit of a Bicycle

Be it any type of bike, the least considered factor is the weight limit of bicycles. No matter your body frame type, you should know the weight capacity of your bike. If you overload your bicycle, it will damage the structure and even wear down your brakes putting you at a risk. Additionally, overloading a […]

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Everything You Need to Know in 2023 About Electric Bikes

Ebikes are becoming popular these days because they are one of the most acceptable environmentally friendly modes of transportation. These bikes work on rechargeable batteries that can go up to a speed of 20 to 28 mph depending on the motor capacity. In a nutshell, this mode of transportation is low-cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free which […]

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Different Types of Bike Frame Materials

Bike frames are the most important part of the bike as they provide a structure. Multiple types of frames are designed for different stability and durability level. The frame material and type decide the overall quality of a bike. If you need a well-rounded, durable, and long-lasting bike choose a top material type with relevant […]

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The Only Bicycle Buying Guide You Need in 2023

Cycling is considered the most preferred adventure yet fun activity that can be taken upon by people of any age category. Some may be experienced professional riders, some may ride for fitness purposes and many would just simply go on a relaxed ride daily or during weekends. Students and workers will use it for their […]

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How to Find the Best Cycling Routes?

Cycling is an enthusiastic physical activity that gives various health benefits like improving blood circulation, building strength, building stamina, and so on. There’s nothing delightful like traveling alone that too on a bicycle. Before you embark on your cycling trip, you must plan the route you want to take.Finding the Best Cycling RoutesBy using maps […]

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