The Only Bicycle Buying Guide You Need in 2023

Cycling is considered the most preferred adventure yet fun activity that can be taken upon by people of any age category. Some may be experienced professional riders, some may ride for fitness purposes and many would just simply go on a relaxed ride daily or during weekends. Students and workers will use it for their daily commutes. No matter your riding purpose, there are different types of bicycles from basic to advanced, for each category.

Whether you’re buying a new or used bike, there are some points you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips and advice on how to choose a bike for any ride.

Bicycle Buying Guide For 2023

When buying a bicycle you should note down some significant and efficient features including the budget that suits you. Even the little aspects matter when buying one. Your purpose may differ but the below guide will help you make the best choice.

1.Find your purpose

People choose to ride bicycles for various reasons, like long rides, fitness purposes, entertainment, mountain rides, and training purposes. If you are a professional cyclist you'll probably opt for a customized bicycle that suits your ride type. These cycles can also be used for your daily ride for maintaining fitness activity. However, if you are a new user, you should consider opting for a basic bicycle than an advanced one since they have an easy gear system that will help you handle the bike easily.

So, before opting for a brand or design first know your purpose for buying a bicycle. If you know the purpose and then search according to that you'll be able to choose the best bicycle.

2.Preference to budget

Before jumping on to the bike preference, fix your budget. Though you need a highly efficient bike, your budget may lack to buy one. There are numerous types of bicycles with quality and productive techniques each costing on their efficiency. It differs in brake type, gear type, tire quality, rim, seat quality, and speed type. You can upgrade these higher up to your preference and usage. Every bike's cost range differs on these fittings and specifications.

3.Know the features

Features of a bike is responsible for the whole performance and stability. These are some of the major ones you must consider no matter your riding experience.


A bike's total control is maintained only through the brake system. Here are the main types of brakes,

  • V-brakes are known as direct-pull cantilever brakes best for mountain rides, it runs through the cables attached to two long arms. It can be easily adjustable and gives good pressure support to the pedal. This is why V brakes are considered the best type of rim brakes. It does not provide support for wet roads
  • Disc brakes are considered the best type of brakes. It is low maintenance compared to any other brake type. They also don’t emit more heat
  • Rim brakes are easy to adjust and repair without the need for any highly efficient tools. Using the brake pads in the wheel area this brake is applied, however, it doesn't work well in the wet regions


A bicycle frame is considered the most essential part as this connects the wheels, seat, and handle tubes. This is called the main body in a cycle so choosing a good quality frame material will make your cycle work efficiently. Some of the common frame materials are steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium, and so on. Overall, you need to check for a rust-free type of frame for long-lasting performance and durability. Each differs in their cost according to the quality.

  • Steel is known for its density and quality in providing long-lasting performance. It is a heavier frame compared to any other material and it may get repaired easily
  • Titanium has similar properties to steel material but they have high corrosion resistance and is a lightweight material. It makes the bike durable and gives lifetime efficient performance
  • Carbon fiber is commonly preferred by many people. It is lightweight and provides the support required for mountain rides. The main advantage of this carbon fiber is that it can be molded into many different shapes and designs for the bike and supports aerodynamic efficiency
  • Aluminum is the material of choice that is lightweight, affordable, and builds a strong base for the bike. It doesn't suit for riding on terrain or long-distance roads


Bicycle gear is used in a bike to increase the riding speed. It has 1,3,18,21,24, and 27-speed types.

  • 7-speed bikes fit well on terrains as it moves well on tough roadways and bumpers. It improves the efficiency of the bike and helps to pedal easily
  • 18-speed type is one of the higher-speed types that work with 3 chain position. It comes with 3 front gears and 6 rear gears
  • 21-speed type gives more speed to the bike as it has 7 sprockets in the rear wheel and 3 chainrings at the front side. The multispeed gives a different combination of gears, you can change these gears according to the road type and preference

4.Wheels and tire

A tire and the wheel is the main element that balances and supports the bike to move forward. The tire is a rubber material that swirls around the rim of the wheel. It is the one that actively works and applies the brake to the ground. Choosing a high-quality tire material and wheel type maintains stability and improves the performance of the bike.

4.Types of bicycles

Many bike kinds differ in gears, wheel type, saddle, handlebars, frequency of brakes, and so on. Some of the most common types of bikes in the market are as follows,

A.Road bike

Kent Gzr700 Road Bike

A road bike is designed for riding on smooth terrain and long roads. It has narrow tires which give high pressure and resistance to balance and ride. These have a dropped-type handlebar that keeps the rider in a bend-forward position for better grip. It is good for fitness, touring, and road rides. This type of bike is specialized in aerodynamic features and delivers zero pollution.

Though it has many advantages it is not more comfortable to ride than other bikes and has less stability.

B.Mountain bikes

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are noted for their speedy performance. It is specially designed for mountain or off-roads for comfortable upright positions. They can handle rough terrains and bumps more efficiently. It is a heavy-weight bike that costs more for the maintenance and repair of the parts. They handle the ride in all weather conditions with low pedaling force.

C.Electric bikes

Reaspire Electric Fat Bike

Electric bikes come with a chargeable electric motor, which helps to increase ‌the speed with or without the need for pedaling. Even if the battery power gets dry you can still pedal and ride your bike. These give highly efficient speed and support to have a balanced ride in the terrain and hill regions.

D.Hybrid bikes

Raleigh Redux 1 1x8 Disc Brake 2021 Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike comes with the quality of both the road bike and mountain bike. It is suitable for long rides that are even better than the road bike's efficiency. It has flat and straight handlebars that keep the riders in an upright position while riding than other bikes, so it manages and distributes the whole weight of the riders evenly. They are lightweight, have wider saddles, and have aerodynamic drop handlebars for experiencing perfect riding.

5.Purchasing mode

Purchasing a bike is possible in two ways - online vs offline. Both come with their fair share of benefits and drawbacks, you have to choose accordingly.

Key differences

  • When you purchase a bike online the stores and their dealers provide you with various offers and discounts but it is comparably less in stores
  • With a few touches and a swipe you can go through the description of the bike and easily buy them, it will be delivered to your doorstep
  • In a store purchase, you can refer to the height, weight, and width of the bike but online, you much carefully look at the description of the bike for its specifications and feature
  • Purchasing in a store there won't be any other review than the salesperson, but online, you can find many user reviews, and based on that you can make an informed decision
  • In a store, the retailer may convince you to buy any similar or another bike when your choice of bike is not available
  • Sometimes online shopping may get flop on delivering the wrong product or a product with a damaged part, if you invest in a higher amount products it's better to go for a store purchasing
  • You can touch and feel the bike and even take a test drive when you prefer offline stores, only pictures are available on these online sites
  • They won't provide a proper bill with the sealed warranty is online where stores provide warranty and also repair service with it
  • You can resell on online sites but offline stores won't accept the used bikes that easily or take them for a low-cost

Frequently Aske Questions

1.How to choose bicycles for adults?

There are certain things that you should consider before buying a bicycle, they are

  • To match your height and weight with the bicycle
  • Seat adjustment levels
  • Budget
  • Wheel strength
  • Gears

2.Is a lighter or heavier bike better?

Lightweight bikes help you to move faster and climb easily however a heavier-weight bike wheel slows down and consumes more energy to ride.

3.Which is better: titanium or carbon?

Titanium is a less brittle material, it cannot be easily broken or made cracks than carbon fiber. It is 10 times stronger and long-lasting than carbon.

4.What is the right size bicycle for my height?

Height bicycle height

5'7" to 5'11"16 to 17 inches

6'0" to 6'2" 17 to 19 inches

6'2" to 6'4" 19 to 21 inches

6'4" or taller 21 plus inches

5.How much does a good bike cost?

The bike's cost depends on the bike type and its material type, however a good quality and a decent bike costs between $500 to $1,300 range. A little more investment gives long last stability to the cycle.

Final words

There is a wide range of varieties in bicycles and each of these is manufactured for its specific purpose of use benefiting the riders. Know the bicycle types and their essential parts before purchasing one. However the cost and budget are equally important to the bicycle's specification.

A good quality bicycle will improve your physical health, and mental health, giving a quality meantime and comfortable riding. For lasting performance, you need to clean and maintain the bicycle regularly according to the bicycle user manual.

We have given the necessary facts and instructions for choosing the best bicycle for your preference. Hope you benefit from it.

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